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Medical Malpractice

Washington D. C. Personal Injury Lawyer Eric May

Health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, and others have a legal duty to provide services up to a certain standard of care. The standard of care varies depending on the community where the medical professional is practicing. A patient who has a poor result from medical care does not necessarily have a cause of action for medical malpractice.  To bring a successful claim, medical evidence must be produced which proves that the medical professional did not provide the required standard of care.

In addition to medical professionals, hospitals and nursing homes may also be responsible for to medical malpractice if they provide inadequate care. If there are mistakes in dispensing medications, delays in advising doctors of emergent medical conditions, surgical tools that are not properly sterilized, etc., these may be bases for malpractice cases. Doctors who fail to diagnose and properly treat serious conditions like cancers, heart attacks, strokes, etc., or who fail to order necessary tests, may also be liable for medical negligence in some cases.

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