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Construction Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyer – Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have different laws related to Construction Accidents

Construction sites are a very dangerous place where many serious accidents occur. Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have different laws on who can be sued when there are different contractors and subcontractors on a particular job. Legal counsel should be consulted on this. Quite often in a serious injury, a tradesperson may never be able to return to the heavy duty work that he/she had been able to perform prior to their injury. When that is the case, the injured worker’s future lost wages are considered in addition to his/her pain and suffering. When more than one party is at fault, and the worker sues more than one negligent party, it is common for the respective insurance companies to share the cost of a settlement/verdict.

Washington DC Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Eric May handles workers’ compensation and personal injury cases in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. If you have a question about an injury you have suffered, please call 202-822-8264 for a free consultation.