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Settlements and Stipulations

Washington D.C. Workers’ Compensation Settlement Representation

The claimant and employer/insurance company may enter into an agreement to resolve any outstanding issue or settle the entire case. A settlement which sets forth the terms of a final resolution can be entered into by the parties which must be approved by the Commission/Office of Workers’ Compensation. The settlement can include open medical care for the rest of the claimant’s life or for a specific period of time, or negotiations can close out all future medical care. If there is an ongoing wage loss compared to the earnings at the time of the injury, then the projected loss calculated back to the present value is considered in the value of a settlement. A settlement is voluntary for both sides and neither side can be ordered to enter into such an agreement. On the other hand, a stipulation only deals with specific issues, such as a limited time that temporary total disability benefits are to be paid or agreement on what the average weekly wage is. A stipulation does not end the case, but merely deals with a limited issue.

Washington DC Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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