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Accidental Injury

Workers’ Compensation Definition of an Accidental Injury May Differ in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia

In order for an injured employee to succeed on a workers’ compensation claim, it must be shown that the medical condition must have resulted from what is considered an accidental injury. The definition of such an accident varies from one jurisdiction to another. Washington D.C Workers’ Compensation has a more liberal interpretation of accidental injury when compared with Maryland Workers’ Compensation law or Virginia Workers’ Compensation law. Therefore, what may be an accidental injury under Washington D.C. Workers’ Compensation law may not necessarily be considered an accidental injury under Virginia Workers’ Compensation law. In Washington D.C., an accidental injury is found when something unexpectedly goes wrong with the human frame resulting from an incident at work or workplace conditions. An accidental injury does not necessarily mean that a true accident actually takes place, such as a slip and fall or being hit by an object. Under many circumstances, lifting or pushing or pulling are considered accidents under workers’ compensation law.

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